A former project about on board diagnostics / self diagnostic applications in Volkswagen Group cars, which ultimately lead me to my main field of expertise.

Shortly after I got my first car, I realized that while many others were doing hardware modifications, the future was actually not the hardware but more so the inner workings of the electronics and software. At the time most/all information on the subject of On Board Diagnostics (OBD) was proprietary and limited to factory associated dealers/repair shops.

In an effort to collect and present that information to the broad public, was supposed to be a starting point which ultimately could extend to other vehicle manufacturers with the help of other collaborators. Looking back, that goal was a little too ambitious at the time and the number of contributions from others was very limited.

However, the reception of the project in the industry - especially on the side of enthusiasts, independent workshops as well as official dealer technicians was astounding. The project quickly became the go-to for service related applications and modifications.

Ultimately it lead to an internship with Ross-Tech, LLC for whom I have been freelancing since 2004.